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Artigiano was founded in 2019 and has become a brand where handcraft and art meet. Our brand is a 100% Turkish product, which is produced with genuine leather and handmade in the men's shoes sector, prioritizes comfort and elegance, exports to many European countries.

Our Mission
To meet the current and future healthy and comfortable shoe needs of our customers with high quality, advanced technology and expert staff in the most appropriate way. To be a global brand that offers its customers popular and affordable products with its innovative approach.

Our Vision
To be an ARTIGIANO that creates shoe fashion in the globalizing world and transcends its boundaries by presenting its products that add color and comfort to life to its customers with a sense of excellence. Aiming to become a world brand by constantly renewing itself with its distinguished and stylish collections, ARTİGİANO continues to walk on this path with confident steps.
We are always try to do our best to server you. Possession of my entire soul, like these entire soul like these sweet mornings of spring which enjoy. I enjoy with my whole joy with my whole heart.



The history of Genuine Leather shoes dates back to almost the same period with the history of

Shoe fashion changes day by day with the developing technology.
Designers that shape fashion continue to appear

The benefits of genuine leather are widely known. Briefly, it keeps the foot fast because it can

Hundreds of models of Artigiano Shoes,
all of which are 100% genuine leather and domestic production, are

Genuine leather shoes are among the most preferred types with long-term use.
Leather shoes offer hundreds

The effects of Genuine Leather shoes on your foot health are known by everyone.
In Artigiano Shoes